[wix-users] Installed Property

easoftware at gmail.com easoftware at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 17:53:42 PST 2019

I am having problems with the Installed property.  I have run some tests to
make sure I an using it correctly, and I am getting unexpected results.

Here is my simple test code:

    <!-- This condition is TRUE if already installed -->
    <Condition Message="Installed">

    <!-- This condition is TRUE if not already Installed -->
    <Condition Message="NOT Installed">
      <![CDATA[NOT Installed]]>

    <Condition Message="Last Condition">

My simple test app is NOT installed, but I keep getting the "Installed"
message.  If I comment out the Installed condition, I do not get the "NOT
Installed" message.

Where does "Installed" look to see if the app is installed?


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