[wix-users] "installfiles" doesn't work at all environments

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Mon Dec 2 14:24:06 PST 2019

What is in the verbose log?  What are the errors and a few lines before/after it?

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Hello all,

We have been using MSI Installer to install our packages to Customers'
working environments for a long time. It has been working so far without any issues. However, after the latest windows 10 update, some of our customers started having issue during the installation.

The <InstallFiles> command doesn't work at some of our customers' working environments.

The <InstallFiles> command is basically copying the source files to a specific folder path. This command is being executed under <InstallExecuteSequence> element as below;

      <Custom Action="InitializeSetup" After="InstallInitialize">Not Installed</Custom>
      <InstallFiles>Not Installed</InstallFiles>

The customer that having issue has fill read/write privilege and acting as a local admin.

Do you have any suggestions about this issue?

Tanks in advance.

Fahrettin Ozturk

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