[wix-users] Sanity Check on Customizing Burn UI

Bryan Dam bryand at recastsoftware.com
Fri Dec 13 06:09:19 PST 2019

I've spent most of yesterday looking into this and I think I know the answer but a lot of the information goes back a few years so I thought I'd reach out for a quick sanity check.

We have three installers we are looking to bundle together. One EXE from Microsoft (.NET Core installer) that is easily installed silently and two of our own that are created using WiX.  The main challenge is that our main installers have multiple custom dialogs for things like SQL and IIS configuration along with several custom actions to try and pre-populate that data for each of them in the upgrade scenario.

If I understand correctly, we can't just copy the Dialog elements from our WiX installers into the bundle/boostrapper.  We can either use the standard bootstrappers and just rely on each MSI's internal UI (not ideal but I have it working) or build our own custom UI from the ground-up that ties into the bootstrapper.


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