[wix-users] Bundle / MSI / UAC Patching and Add/Remove Programs

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Wed Nov 28 10:55:36 PST 2018

I've created an installer that has a burn bundle with a couple prereqs (.net/mssql) and a single product MSI  and the customer wants to be able to build + install/uninstall   UAC complaint MSP patches for the MSI  with as tiny content distribution as possible.

I currently show the bootstrapper entry and the msi  entry  in Programs and Features.   This is slightly inelegant but it allows me  to have a way to show/remove patches from the MSI  and remove the whole thing all together using the bootstrapper entry.

I hid the MSI entry and created some patch bundles  but it really bloated up the patch size.    I'm using stdba  and don't want to do anything particularly custom for this project.

Is there a better way to do this?    A second opinion is greatly appreciated.

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