[wix-users] Trouble with installed COM components after Microsoft update

Helge Kruse Helge.Kruse at gmx.net
Wed Nov 21 08:16:47 PST 2018

I use a bundle to install software. The bundle consists a MSI for 64
bit and a MSI for 32 bit.
Both MSI install the same files in the corresponding ProgramFiles
folder, create shortcuts and register the software. The software is
implemented with .NET compiled for Any CPU. The reason to install it
for both, 32 and 64 bit, is that it implements a COM interface. The
outer COM interface is implemented with a .wsc script running in
scrobj.dll. This script calls the COM interface of the .NET

The installation works, including major upgrades as expected without problems.

Unfortunately the COM components can't be instantiated anymore after
Microsoft has installed an update to the system. In this scenario it's
necessary to perform a repair of the bundle. Of course it's valid to
uninstall and re-install the bundle.But this is not satisfying.

How can I track down what's different between before and after the
repair? How can I track down, what is damaged by the Microsoft update?
Are there any "usual suspects" that I should check in the setup?

Best regards,

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