[wix-users] Setting up web APIs in IIS

Hanebach, Jack (US - Mechanicsburg Delivery) jhanebach at deloitte.com
Thu Mar 22 10:01:54 PDT 2018

To make things a little bit clearer the code looks somehow like:

    <ComponentGroup Id="SomeNamesAPIGroup" Directory="IISROOT">
      <Component Id="SomeNameServices" Guid="{0F4AF750-9D30-4D0C-91E4-C5E79B04BC5F}" KeyPath="yes">
        <iis:WebAppPool Id="opiServices"
                        ManagedRuntimeVersion="No Managed Code"
      <Component Id="SomeNameAPI" Guid="{94AD2840-E12F-452A-8CDA-6D375A246A4F}" KeyPath="yes">
        <iis:WebVirtualDir Id="SomeNameCoreAPIs" Alias="APIs" Directory="APIPATH" WebSite="SomeNameAPI_site">
            <iis:WebApplication Id="webapp_SomeNameServices"
                                WebAppPool="opiServices" />
      <Component Id="SomeNamesAPISite" Guid="{BC4004C4-5827-4053-9270-92CA347C1CF5}" KeyPath="yes">
        <iis:WebSite Id="SomeNameAPI_site"
                      Description="SomeName API"
          <iis:WebAddress Id="webAddr_SomeNameServices" Port="[PORTNUMBER]" IP ="*"/>

<!-- Directory in WebVirtualDir below comes from harvesting, one ComponentGroup for each of the APIs -->
      <Component Id="SomeNameApiName" Guid="b66dd469-ccb8-4710-8b71-efe0f1ca262b" KeyPath="yes" Directory="APIPATH">
        <iis:WebVirtualDir Id="SomeNameApiName_virtualDir" Alias="ApiName" Directory="dir14DCA93DD4402712051E8E50CAF79EF2" WebSite="SomeNameAPI_site">
          <iis:WebApplication Id="webapp_SomeNameApiName" Name="SomeNameApiName" WebAppPool="opiServices" />

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Subject: [wix-users] Setting up web APIs in IIS

I need to set up a site for web APIs and cannot get it right...
What I have is a bunch of components containing:
iis:WebVirtualDir with Alias 'APIs', referencing the above webSite and containing iis:WebApplication referencing the above appPool,
supposed to be the root for the APIs.

Then I have a bunch of the actual APIs, each having
iis:WebVirtualDir with Directory pointing to its installation directory (under the directory for 'APIs' virtual dir) and WebSite referencing the above WebSite and containing iis:WebApplication referencing the above appPool.

Unfortunately the outcome is not what I had in mind - looking into IIS manager I can see my web site and the APIs application but all the individual APIs have their own application right under the web site (so, their virtual path is /name instead of desired /APIs/name).

Underneath of the APIs app I can see the regular directories for the APIs. What am I doing wrong?


Jack Hanebach
Deloitte USDC
Tel/Direct: +1.717.610.2620
jhanebach at deloitte.com | www.deloitte.com
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