[wix-users] DTF does not maintain the directories when adding a file as content to the Custom Action Project

Jamie Ooms jamie at 2imagine.com
Tue Mar 6 02:07:20 PST 2018


I have used this suggestion:

"In Visual Studio, using the solution explorer,  you can right click your project and tell it to Add | Existing Item

Change the file filter to *.* and select your file.  You'll see the file get added to your project.  Click on it and then make sure the Build Action property is set to Content and the Copy to Output Directory property is set to Copy Always.

This will cause DTF to package that file into your foo.CA.dll.   At runtime the hosting model will automatically extract this file and clean it up when the CA is done executing. "

The problem is when a file is located in a folder, that folder is not extracted to the C:\Windows\Installer\MSI27DC.tmp- folder.
The file is extracted directly underneath that folder. At this moment my workaround is to zip the folders and files and them extract them in my custom action.
Is there a way to include the directory structure without the need to create a zip?

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