[wix-users] Order for feature Installation

Edwin Castro egcastr at gmail.com
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> You don't upgrade features. You upgrade products. You can select features
> to be installed. You can also specified which features you want to not be
> installed.
> If you need to install 2 features and later you want to upgrade a single
> feature, then you need separate your features into separate products that
> can be upgraded separately.

When Jacob and Rob suggest two MSIs, they are suggesting the same thing I
did above. Separate your App and DB features into separate Products (MSIs)
then you can upgrade them individually and can orchestrate the order of
installs and upgrades as required.

Edwin G. Castro

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> I'd do what Jacob suggested: two MSIs.
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> I have an MSI with 2 features, one for App and the other one for DB. I
> have a little twisted requirement. During the initial installation, I need
> to install DB feature first and then only App feature, whereas for Upgrade,
> App feature should be installed first and then the DB feature. I know I can
> run the installer twice and get it done, but I need to run it once and
> achieve this. Please help.
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