[wix-users] MSI MajorUpgrade is not detecting old version

Demetrios Tsillas jtsillas at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 06:30:53 PDT 2018

 Hi Folks,

I am at my wits end. I am by no means experienced in MSI package creation
but I have been successful using the MSI creation tools with VS2015. I
create an MSI for a logging browser tool which is used by my company

I am now in the process of switching to WiX and have created a wixproj and
wxs file. I am able to create an MSI using these and it seems to install
and work.

The problem is that if I installed using the old MSI and now want to
install using the new MSI, it doesn't to an uninstall first and simply
installs right over the old.

The old version is 0.2.57 and the new version is 0.3.0.

I'm linking some stuff including the wix files and the installer logs. I'm
hoping one of you experienced people can spot what I am doing wrong.



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