[wix-users] Driver Uninstall with Bundle

R ryee at pronktech.com
Wed Jul 18 14:54:56 PDT 2018

Hi All,

I'm trying not to leave unused files on uninstall. I have two MSI's in a
bundle: one is the main app, the other are hardware drivers. If I uninstall
the bundle, I would expect the drivers to be uninstalled as well; however,
they aren't, because I think the system is storing it in the DriverStore
since the driver is installed.

What is the best way to uninstall the driver remove all inf, etc. files
while first making sure there are no other dependencies?

This is a snippet of the current component:

            <Component Id="component_usbserialINF" Guid="VALUE"
              <difx:Driver /> <!-- Element to install the inf driver.-->
              <File Id="file_usbserialINF"
Vital="yes" KeyPath="yes"/>
              <File Id="file_usbserialCAT" Source="..\BLED112-Signed-Win-
Drv\windrv\usbserial.cat" Vital="yes"/>
              <RemoveFile Id="rmFile_usbserialAllFiles" Name="*"
              <RemoveFolder Id="rmDir_serialusb" Directory="dir_serialusb"
              <RemoveFolder Id="rmDir_serialusb_drivers"
Directory="dir_drivers" On="both"/>

According to


I think the extension might no longer work if I am targeting >= Win7.

<difx:Driver DeleteFiles="yes"/> removes the files from the DriverStore
during install (thus making it so the drivers are NOT installed, which is
the opposite of what I need), but leaves the source inf, etc. Is there a
way to specify to remove the DriverStore and source files on uninstall only?

By the way, does it matter if RemoveFile comes before or after
RemoveFolder? Is removal sequenced?


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