[wix-users] Remove MSI on Update without running a CustomAction in it

RonnyS ronnys.coding at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 05:24:22 PDT 2018

I created three msi files in my bootstrapper with the WiX-Toolset.
Now this installation has to be rebuilt due to dependencies.

All files from the third MSI must be moved to the first MSI.
The third MSI is then no longer needed.
I moved the components from the third MSI to the first.
The CustomActions from the third MSI were also moved to the first MSI.

My problem now is when updating to a new version of the installation which
starts CustomAction from the third MSI.
This ensures that just installed program parts (drivers) are uninstalled
This CustomAction in the third MSI has as condition (NOT

Is there a way I can remove the third MSI on Update without running the

Greetings Ronny

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