[wix-users] Controlling Features in Silent Install

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 00:35:49 PDT 2018

I am following the below link (2nd Option) from Fire Giant to control
features in my silent install, but somehow, I can't get it to work.


I have 2 features in my Product.wxs and based on the property being passed,
I need to control them.

 *<Feature InstallDefault="local" Description="!(loc.AppFeatureDesc)"
Title="!(loc.AppFeatureTitle)" Id="AppFeature" Absent="allow"
Display="expand" AllowAdvertise="no">*
*       <Condition Level="1"><![CDATA[(INSTALL_APP = "1") AND (UILevel <=
*       <Condition Level="0"><![CDATA[(INSTALL_APP = "0") AND (UILevel <=
*       <ComponentGroupRef Id="AppCG" />*
*    </Feature>*

*   <Feature InstallDefault="local" Description="!(loc.DBFeatureDesc)"
Title="!(loc.DBFeatureTitle)" Id="DBFeature" Absent="allow"
Display="expand" AllowAdvertise="no">*
*     <Condition Level="1"><![CDATA[(INSTALL_DB = "1") AND (UILevel <=
*     <Condition Level="0"><![CDATA[(INSTALL_DB = "0") AND (UILevel <=
*     <ComponentGroupRef Id="DbCG" />*
*    </Feature>*

I am invoking the Silent Install command twice for installing the features
one at a time.

*msiexec /qn /i MyMSI.msi /l*v App.log INSTALL_APP="1" INSTALL_DB="0"*

The above command installs the App feature properly. Then I run the command
again as below to install only DB feature, but it is not installing it.

*msiexec /qn /i MyMSI.msi /l*v DB.log INSTALL_APP="0" INSTALL_DB="1" *

Note: I tried passing INSTALL_APP="1" also in the 2nd command (instead of
0), but that also didn't help. The log file (DB.log), didn't have any

Can anyone please help?

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