[wix-users] What server should be used to distribute application patches and updates?

David Watson dwatson at sdl.com
Thu Jan 18 04:16:07 PST 2018

We use an in house IIS website with our updates on it and scale it out with aws cloudfront.

We use https://www.indigorose.com/trueupdate/ to manage the update process but we are on the lookout for something simpler and Unicode based as it's a pain to localize.


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We are looking forward to setup some server to distribute application patches, updates and upgrades. Our applications would be checking for their updates by querying this server.
Presently, developers here are considering Chocolatey, and just rejected Squirrel for windows due to its narrow scope.

How is this being done in the world generally with best practices?

Would really appreciate any guide/help...


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