[wix-users] Can we obtain the planned feature state in PlanComplete event?

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 23 19:18:05 PST 2018

In my handling of DetectRelatedMsiPackage event, I have:

                var installedPackage = new ProductInstallation(e.Arguments.ProductCode);

                foreach (var currentInstallFeature in installedPackage.Features)

where e is an instance of DetectRelatedMsiPackageEventArgs.

Is there something similar to that that is available later in the process, so we can examine the result of planning?  Reason being, our msi has a default feature that is always installed, even if no other feature is specified, but, the msi should never be called if no features are specified.  I have carried state forward after detection is complete and individual features were planned... now I'm just curious if I have access to all of that planned data, or do I have to rely on my carried-forward state (I don't want to carry it forward if it's just unnecessary code).

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