[wix-users] Problem Updating

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 27 14:46:03 PST 2018

Sorry for the duplicate... wanted to clarify an ambiguity in the test report.

So, I am developing my Custom Bootstrapper Application installer on Windows 7... stress tests of Install/Uninstall/Modify on my machine are largely working fine.  I can:

Install All
UIninstall All
Install All
Make a few changes in the installed features via selecting checkboxes in my app and clicking Modify
Repeat Modify a few times, selecting and deselecting things.

Now... on my box (Windows 7), if I relaunch the BA to install once again, it works.  If, OTOH, I run the same test on Windows Server 2012R2, the relaunch does not proceed... I need to launch it with logging to see that, it is not proceeding as it's expecting a reboot.  Seems related to the PCI drivers... the USB drivers don't seem to cause this (when I install/remove/install/remove).  Is this an issue with PCI on server 2012R2 and not windows 7?  Or. something else?  All wxs files are similarly structured as they were all developed at the same time (so, one file per component.. driver install in a component ref.. think it's all correct).

I am seeing entries in the registry like:


But, that persists after rebooting and does not ultimately affect installation, post-reboot.  Permissions are all annoying on that key, but that's another topic.

I had thought I'd prevented the installer from wanting reboots via:

<Property Id="MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL" Value="DisableShutdown" />

But, it seems that only stops the reboot, not block windows installer from requesting it anyway.

So... I am confused.  Windows 7 works fine, but, the stress test will fail on Windows Server 2012R2 because of the desired reboot that somehow gets inserted.  How can I figure out what is holding up the process and either remove it (ie. is this a registry entry I can remove via custom action) or, perhaps do things another way soas to eliminate this?



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