[wix-users] Problem Uninstalling

Jon Earle earlej at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 27 12:36:30 PST 2018

So, I am developing the installer on Windows 7... stress tests of Install/Uninstall/Modify on my machine are largely working fine.  I can:

Install All
UIninstall All
Install All
Make a few changes in the installed features via selecting checkboxes in my app and clicking Modify
Repeat Modify a few times, selecting and deselecting things.

Now... on my box, if I relaunch the BA to install once again, it works.  If, OTOH, I run the same test, the relaunch does not proceed... I need to launch it with logging to see that, it is not proceeding as it's expecting a reboot.

I am seeing entries in the registry like:


But, that persists after rebooting and does not ultimately affect installation, post-reboot.  Permissions are all annoying on that key, but that's another topic.

I had thought I'd prevented the installer from wanting reboots via:

<Property Id="MSIRESTARTMANAGERCONTROL" Value="DisableShutdown" />

But, it seems that only stops the reboot, not block windows installer from requesting it anyway.

So... I am confused.  Windows 7 works fine, but, the stress test will fail on server 2012R2 because of the desired reboot that somehow gets inserted.  How can I figure out what is holding up the process and either remove it (ie. is this a registry entry I can remove via custom action) or, perhaps do things another way soas to eliminate this?


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