[wix-users] Install selective features in WiX

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 02:01:31 PST 2018

I have an MSI with 2 features nested inside a parent feature. It has a
default UI. During the first installation, I chose to install the first
feature only and not the second feature. So, the first feature gets
installed properly. Then when I click on the MSI and install again, from
the Change option, I chose to install the second feature only. But this
uninstalls the first one and installs the second. What I expected was it
will retain the first feature and install the second feature, but that
doesn't seem to the case.

In another case, I tried with custom UI for the features with check boxes.
Here, when I selected one feature and install it, it gets installed, but
when I ran the installer again and chose the second feature, only the first
feature is installed, but the second feature doesn't get installed.

Can anyone please help?


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