[wix-users] CustomAction returned actual error code 1619

KONDURU Pavan Pavan.KONDURU at 3ds.com
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You would need to add "impersonate=no" in your custom action but unfortunately that won't work in an immediate custom action/ install UI sequence. You would need to put this CA in the installexecute sequence and execute=deferred. If you do want it in the install UI sequence, you would probably need a bootstrapper that runs in elevated mode when launched.

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Dear Support,

We are trying to launch a 3rd-party install program using a custom action in the product install UI sequence but it fails with error 1619 if I start the product install through its setup.exe. However, if I open a DOS window with administrator privileges and launch the product install MSI with msiexec.exe, it works fine. Below is the custom action definition. Any idea?

Thanks a lot,

<CustomAction Id="InstallLicensingx64" BinaryKey="MSIEXEC.EXE" ExeCommand="/i "[SourceDir]Portal64\Licensing10Apps-VC12x64.msi" /qn /norestart" Execute="immediate" Return="ignore" />

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