[wix-users] Incorrect messages about installer standard actions progress on Windows 10 (1703 build)

harald goci harald.goci at panagenda.com
Wed Sep 27 04:21:55 PDT 2017

Hi Dzmitry,
I have no solution but a hint.
A few days ago this info
 solved a similar problem for a list member.

I guess it's worth a try,
Harald Goci
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Subject:	[wix-users] Incorrect messages about installer standard actions
            progress on Windows 10 (1703 build)
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Hello Everybody,

I have met the problem with my installer on the latest Windows 10 build
The Installation dialog shows messages like "Starting services Service:
[1]" above progress. Similar numbers appear for all standard actions.
On the previous Windows builds it was simply "Starting services".

In the installation logs I also noticed these messages which didn't present
on the previous Windows builds:
Action 18:22:46: StartServices. Starting services Service: [1]

According to MSDN action StartServices (
[1] should be the service displayed name. But this wasn't replaced.

I have used WixToolset 3.10 and MS Visual Studio 2015 to build .msi
package. Upgrade to WixToolset 3.11 didn't solve the problem too.

Does anybody know how could I return the old format for the messages? Or
how could I make [1] param to be replaced with reasonable value?
Does it the bug for Wix Toolset to be fixed?

Best regards,
           Dzmitry Razhansky.

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