[wix-users] Patch installation behavior

Johan Heikkila johan.heikkila at fi.abb.com
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I haven't built patches with Wix yet (still using some older tools), but my experience is that parameters are sometimes needed with patches. Small patches need REINSTALL (and possibly REINSTALLMODE) to reinstall the product.

I've also had to use INSTALLDIR parameter when patching a certain product. 

I can't remember this for sure, but I think that the reason for using the INSTALLDIR parameter is that this product has INSTALLDIR written to a custom registry location. If the product is installed in a non-default location, applying a patch without correct INSTALLDIR parameter resets INSTALLDIR in registry to default. Before installing the patch, I had to look up INSTALLDIR from the registry and add INSTALLDIR as a parameter to the patch.

This is maybe an unusual situation and could possibly be solved in another way (I didn't figure out anything at the time, though).


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I want to share what I have discovered recently: During installation of patch through command line (msiexec /p <path_to_msp_file>) if  INSTALLDIR parameter is added to command line then installation runs in maintenance mode and patch is not being installed.
Of cause there is no need to pass this parameter during patch installation but nevertheless I did not expect such a behavior.

Has anybody else familiar with this behavior?

Fyodor Koryazhkin..

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