[wix-users] problem with wix bundle installation

Georg.Kellerer at lfu.bayern.de Georg.Kellerer at lfu.bayern.de
Thu Sep 14 23:21:52 PDT 2017


i am faced with a problem while authoring a wix bundle and hope you can help me. I created to nearly identical bundles to distribute the visual c++ redistributables. The vc++-Runtine is bundled ogether with an msi package that holds my software which should also be installed. One of my bundles works as expected but the other did not start. I cannot see any diference between the bundles. When I try to get a log of the bad bundle it does not create a log file. There's no og file in my temp directory nor in the place where I specified it with the /L option. So I think that the problem happens at an very early stage. I tried the installation with and without elevated previleges with no effect. Also the Windows 7 event log shows no entry. Do you have an idea where the problem may be? My System: Windows 7, vs2017, wix V3.11.

Thanks a lot for helping me,

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