[wix-users] Remains of Managed Bootstrapper

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
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How are they triggering the uninstall of your MSI?  Normally all the MSI's are hidden in ARP so the user isn't manually doing it.  Something must have been custom authored in this applications plugin architecture to call the uninstall for any plugins.  The question you must ask is how is it finding your MSI?  Are you writing custom reg entries? Are you providing any identifying info when registering your plugin?

The problem with the MSI calling the bundle uninstall is that Windows Installer already has a transaction started... 

That being said, even if your MBA is missing the MSI it should still start in maintenance mode, so you are missing something to detect that.  I am assuming the Install Welcome / Install conditions are part of your MSI?

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Hi mates,
I am delivering plugin for a software already installed on the client side using msi packed in our managed bootstrapper. This works fine and we can uninstall, modify, repair it through the control panel, in our bootstrapper's UI.

But if the user uninstalls their software, it also triggers the uninstall of our plugin, which actually calls Windows Installer Service to do the job. Now what we are left with the remains of our Bootstrapper still appearing in the Add-Remove programs list.

If we try to uninstall or repair it, it would show the Install Welcome screen and if we go further, it would end up with our Install Condition failures because required pre-requisites  Software is no more there. So the user has to install the prerequisite Software again, Install/Restore from control panel again and then first Uninstall the plugin and then their Software. This is hectic...

Is there any method to trigger the uninstall of Bootstrapper if its delivered Msi is triggered to uninstall?


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