[wix-users] Bootstrapper Application Example that support all (Major, Minor, Small) update types

Blair Murri osito at live.com
Wed Oct 18 10:57:57 PDT 2017

I1- The standard UI doesn't have a separate “patch” mode, instead you are literally “installing” the patch.

I2- I'm guessing that the bundle for the MSI doesn't know about the associated bundles for the MSPs. I haven't done many associated bundles, so I'm not an expert on what your authoring should look like, but that's where you will need to look.

Blair Murri

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Subject: [wix-users] Bootstrapper Application Example that support all (Major, Minor, Small) update types


I am using standard BA to install a program. The issue I am struggling with
is to support all three update scenarios , Major, Minor and Small.

I can update my application (installed using MSI) with a patch (Minor or
Small) and all looks OK. Also when uninstalling the application, it also
removes my patches, and machine remains in a clean state.

When I am using a bundle, to install the application and after that my
patches, there are few issues that I am encountering:
i1. There is no Update dialog, it always Install one, even if I am using
the same bundle version and the same upgrade code (but different chain
i2. Uninstalling the program from the Add/Remove programs, will not remove
related patches as happening if I would not use bootstrapper for

Can some one please clarify me what I am doing wrong or point me to a good
example of using custom or standard bootstrapper that supports update
scenarios of an application?

Thanks a lot,


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