[wix-users] Wix code for install of COM AddIn to MS Office NOT VSTO

Christopher Painter chrpai at iswix.com
Sun Oct 8 13:26:01 PDT 2017

I've done these in the past before VSTO.  I would follow the IsWiX desktop app tutorial:


The variation is that your DLL needs to have it's COM (technically COM Visible)  metadata harvested and authored into the installer.  IsWiX doesn't currently have a designer for this but the process is pretty easy.  When you use IsWiX to author the file you will get a Directory, Component and File Element.    From the command line use  WiX's heat command to harvest your DLL.  This will generate a wxs fragement that also has  has a bunch of Registry elements associated with the file's component element.  Take this and merge it into the wxs that IsWiX authored.   Take note of certain registry values that reference [DIRECTORY] property or [#fileKey]  properties and substitute them with the values that were generated by IsWiX.

The only other thing you might want to do is author some AppSearch/LaunchCondition logic into the Product.wxs to make sure the user has an appropriate .NET and Office products installed.

Assuming this is a simple installer that does only this,  you should be able to knock this out quickly.

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I have to create an install for a c# Visual Studio COM AddIn for Word.  I
have created several Wix installs for VSTO projects but I can't use VSTO for
this one. (Word is started by an external application and VSTO projects
don't always load correctly unless Word is started by user).  VS 2010 had a
built in installer for this type of 'Shared AddIn' project and uses
mscoree.dll to launch the AddIn. I need to use VS2012 or 2015 so I don't
have access to the previous installer.

I have not been able to find and help for the Wix installer for this type of
project.  Any help or pointers would be appreciated.



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