[wix-users] wixproj ToolsVersion and ProductVersion

Andreas Orzyszek andreas.orzyszek at gmail.com
Sat Oct 28 01:39:11 PDT 2017

I just updated my home system to the latest wix toolset 3.11, VS 
Community 2017 and VS 2017 Wix Toolset Extension.

When I create a new *.wixproj from VS 2017 and look at the created file 
the project ToolsVersion attribute is 4.0 and the ProductVersion 
property is 3.10.

I was exspecting the ToolsVersion to be 14.0 because it was created by 
the VS 2017 Wix Toolset Extension and the ProductVersion to be 3.11 
because this is the installed wix toolset version.

Did I miss something here?

If not I'll create one or two issues for this.



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