[wix-users] Passing PRODUCTCODE AND VERSION from command line

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 04:44:46 PDT 2017

I have created 2 MSI projects (OldInstaller and NewInstaller) in Visual
Studio 2017 with same xml (including Product ID and Version) for upgrade
scenario. In both the scenarios, I have the same text file which have
different contents (to differentiate the Upgrade scenario). Of course, the
second xml has MajorUpgrade tag. I install the first MSI through UI. For
2nd MSI, I do it from command line using msiexec.exe and pass the
PRODUCTCODE and VERSION with different values. This works fine and the
upgraded MSI gets installed fine.

Now, in both the MSI, I add UI tags. In this, when I call the 2nd MSI using
the above approach, it doesn't work and throws error in a message saying
something like this application is already installed or something. If I
have UI tag, how can I upgrade an MSI using msiexec (from command line) by
sending ProductCode and Version attributes. Any help will be really great.


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