[wix-users] Patch in Visual Studio

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 26 00:00:23 PDT 2017

I am completely new to WiX. I am trying to work on a POC on Patch in Wix
using Visual Studio 2017. I am referring to the FireGiant tutorial for


Here it is not clear how to achieve this using Visual Studio. Is it
possible? There seem to be 2 MSIs, one for Error and the other one for
Fixed. Should they have the name for the MSI or can they be different? If
they have to be the same, then how can I make the MSI name configurable in
Visual Studio. Also, for the patch file, I think I have to create a
separate file with the Patch element and use Torch command to get this
working. Is it possible to achieve this through Visual Studio. Can anyone
please help, with a proper sample and answer my questions also?


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