[wix-users] Questions on Heat Command

Joseph L. Casale jcasale at activenetwerx.com
Wed Nov 29 15:59:57 PST 2017

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Subject: Re: [wix-users] Questions on Heat Command

> When I say dynamically, I mean adding the component references into the Products.wxs automatically (probably through code or some other non-manual method). Also, can heat look at a service exe and generate the mark up for a service installation / control? Also, things like User creation, GAC deployment of dll, IIS settings, Registry settings are also some areas where I would like to use Heat.

I don't use the other functionality of heat so I can't comment but
I question your workflow as it doesn't seem logical to me. If you run
heat, you know what you are harvesting, hence you know what
can be depending on it in the Products.wxs. Heat doesn't have the
ability to edit another source file (you can use an XSL transform on
heats own output).

Why don't you clarify your use case thoroughly.

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