[wix-users] Questions on Heat Command

Ven H venh.123 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 09:00:18 PST 2017

When I say dynamically, I mean adding the component references into the
Products.wxs automatically (probably through code or some other non-manual
method). Also, can heat look at a service exe and generate the mark up for
a service installation / control? Also, things like User creation, GAC
deployment of dll, IIS settings, Registry settings are also some areas
where I would like to use Heat.


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> > Also, I have a requirement to have the ability to dynamically add the wxs
> > file references generated by the Heat command to the main wxs
> > (Product.wxs)
> > file, probably as components. Is it possible? Has anyone come across this
> > requirement? If so, can you please help?
> What do you mean dynamically? When you use heat, you are uncoupling
> the explicit contents of a component for example, however you know
> you are using heat (you invoked it) as such the component reference is
> known ahead of time. The actual contents can remain dynamic.
> I have a project where we dynamically generate all the wix source but in
> this case the component references are inserted in the same way that heat
> invocations are inferred and invoked.

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