[wix-users] Wix Bundle and ARP DisplayVersion

Roland Kieslinger rkieslinger at rzl.at
Tue Nov 28 22:59:18 PST 2017

I've had a similar problem. We have major.year.minor.hotfix and an additional fifth number, which is the changeset number. I set the bundle's version property to major.year.minor.hotfix and store the full version number including the fifth number in the Bundle's Tag property. The Tag property gets stored in the registry as well and you can easily retrieve it's value via the "WixBundleTag" property.

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We use our x.y.z.build numbers as: major.minor.hotpatch.build. But our build system is currently spinning out build values over 7,000,000! I had always put this large build number in the 4th ProductVersion field since MSI ignores it anyway. All was well until we started using wix bundles that fall over dead if you use large version values, or even detect large version values as a part of an upgrade of an older MSI! So, now I’m running around chopping off build numbers and trying to find a way for customers and developers to look at a machine and figure out what builds were installed...

- Joel

> On Nov 28, 2017, at 3:01 PM, Hoover, Jacob <Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com> wrote:
> The short answer is... You can't.
> The Bundle/@Version attribute is used to populate them both. You could always write a WIP to suggest this, but having the version of the file != what is displayed in ARP would just be confusing, so I doubt it would get much traction.
> Is there a reason you can't change your build system to produce valid version numbers?
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> I'm trying to figure out how to change the DisplayVersion in the ARP registry for a bundle. Our products have really large build number, so I can't put them into the 4th field of the ProductVersion.
> Looking to do something like:
> Bundle Version = 1.2.3
> Bundle DisplayVersion =
> I see the DisplayVersion is written by the engine via RegistrationParseFromXml(), but following that up the stack, I don't know how (or where) to author the manifest/xml file to populate that data.
> Any tips?
> Thanks,
> Joel
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