[wix-users] Cached packages removed after an update

Roland Kieslinger rkieslinger at rzl.at
Tue Nov 28 08:23:02 PST 2017


My custom bootstrapper consists of 4 packages, 1 msi package and 3 exe packages. I want the packages to be available all the time (for repairs and installing packages later), so I set Cache="always".

Now I noticed some behavior, I don't understand. After doing an installation on a clean machine, I have all 4 packages and the bootstrapper itself cached in "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache". I didn't installed all packages, but nevertheless all have been cached - perfect! If I update the current installation with a new version of my bootstrapper, all cached packages, which are not currently installed, are getting removed at the end of the update. If somebody wants to install one of the absent packages later, he doesn't have the required setup files and the installation will fail.

How can I prevent my bootstrapper to remove those absent packages from the cache at the end of the update?

Thanks in advance!


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