[wix-users] AllowDuplicateDirectoryIds build error

robert_yang at agilent.com robert_yang at agilent.com
Wed May 10 06:35:35 PDT 2017

"Check a verbose log for

Using "Candle" task from assembly"

OK, I think I see what happened.  I was trying to build from within Visual Studio 2015, and perhaps I was using one of the older versions of the VS2015 votive.  I had a few of the 3.11 RC's on there previously.

Building from the command line using MSBuild seems to work fine (this is what our build process does anyway).

To make VS2015 work I flushed the VS user cache pretty much as per these instructions :


Then I re-installed the VS2015 votive.  Everything seems good now.

Thanks !

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