[wix-users] Hand over an action to wix bundle elevated process

Hoover, Jacob Jacob.Hoover at greenheck.com
Thu May 4 12:24:16 PDT 2017

The problem is that the BA doesn't elevate until Apply is called. And apply just executes the plan.

What you really are asking for is an ability to elevate during detect, in order to make better decisions during plan. This may be a worth wile feature, but the BA currently doesn't support this from my recollection.

P.S. This is really a fault of IIS where it doesn't allow read access to the configuration from a non-elevated user.

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Hello, to everyone!

I know that during installation burn engine creates UI-less process with elevated priviliges. I also know it can be created earlier by calling Engine.Elevate method. Is there a way to communicate with this process and invoke an action that requires elevated user rights? I would like to discover in bootstrapper what is the current website configuration in IIS.

The whole thing is about updating my version one app but preserving any changes that customer could make to website binding.

Hope this is clear enough.

Thanks for any advice.

Z poważaniem / Best regards

Ireneusz Grala

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