[wix-users] Major Upgrade issue for Instance Transforms

sana wahab sanawahabkhulsai at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 1 22:43:39 PDT 2017

Hi All,

I am developing an installer using WIX Tool Set. One of my requirements is that i need to use same MSI for deploying Multiple Instances on the same machine. I tried to do this using InstanceTransforms as suggested in many articles over internet like as follows:


Revisited: Multiple Instance installations and patches ...<http://sklyarenko.net/blog/2011/09/14/revisited-multiple-instance/>
I initially blogged about multiple instance installations couple of years ago. The way I described it worked fine for me, but the time flies and the …

I followed this article and succeeded in implementing it. It works fine in install and uninstall mode. However, I have issues with the upgrade mode. As far as i have seen Instance Transforms does not allow Major Upgrade. Is there any way to do that?

Also, i have bootstraped my MSI using WIX bootstrapper into exe. But it doesnot supports InstanceTransforms or Multi Instances, Has anyone faced this issue? Please advise any sample solution or web link.


Sana Wahab

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