[wix-users] Heat not working with DirectShow filters (but it used to!)

Arnette, Bill bill.arnette at signalscape.com
Thu Jun 1 09:31:11 PDT 2017

Back in the day I used Heat to harvest COM registry information from DirectShow filters and ran into this issue:

Note that the issue indicates I was able to work with heat 3.0

Now I need to add some more DirectShow filters to the installer but when I run heat I get the following (even with heat 3.0):

PS C:\Projects\VS2012\Interviewer\trunk> heat file .\src\bin\Release\SampleGrabber.dll -o tmp.wxs
Windows Installer XML Toolset Toolset Harvester version
Copyright (c) Outercurve Foundation. All rights reserved.

heat.exe : warning HEAT5150 : Could not harvest data from a file that was expected to be a SelfReg DLL: C:\Projects\VS2012\Interviewer\trunk\src\bin\Release\SampleGrabber.dll. If this file does not support SelfReg you can ignore this warning. Otherwise, this error detail may be helpful to diagnose the failure: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

I downloaded the source for Wix and debugged into my filter's DllRegisterServer function and found that it is returning E_CLASSNOTREGISTERED.   The issue is:

  1.  DirectShow filters make use of a FilterMapper2 COM object (CLSID_FilterMapper2) during registration
  2.  CoCreateInstance of the FilterMapper2 object returns E_CLASSNOTREGISTERED because the registry entries for the FilterMapper2 object do not exist in the re-directed HKCR/HKLM registry keys.

I understand why this is failing now, but what is confusing is that this worked in 2013.   I have tried both WiX 3.0 as well as WiX 3.10 under both Windows 10 and Windows 7 (what I would have been using at that time it last worked).

Any thoughts?

Bill Arnette
Signalscape Inc.
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Bill Arnette
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Signalscape Inc.
Ph: 919-678-6577

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