[wix-users] Issues when Major Upgrade an InstallShield package

Tyler Gustafson tgustafson at solacom.com
Tue Jan 31 05:51:14 PST 2017

To your first point, it sounds like something is in use when you're trying to install. Try looking at the task manager, got to view-> select columns and add PID to get the process IDs and then try to match up whatever the window says to a process in the task manager to get a better idea of what might be locking.

As for the second question, I don't know off the top of my head. I'll let someone else take that one.


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We've been using InstallShield for 20 years and are frankly fed up with all bugs and workarounds required to us it.
WiX is the perfect replacement but until the first upgrade (i.e. from InstallShield to WiX) there are a couple of things I need help with.

When I launch the new WiX package that will Major Upgrade the existing InstallShield package, a dialog will popup during 'Validating install'.
This dialog will have a textbox with the text "Windows(r) installer (Process Id: 4808)" and I can select 'Exit', 'Ignore' or 'Retry'.

The only way forward will be to click on 'Ignore' which will cause the upgrade to require a restart at the end (which is fine).
I assume this additional MSI process is some hack within InstallShield but is there a way to prevent this scenario?

After the WiX installer has finished there is still a leftover in the ARP control panel applet and the reason for this is again an InstallShield hack (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\InstallShield_{Product

Is there a good way to detect the product id of the InstallShield package beeing major upgraded so the registry key can be removed by the WiX package?


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