[wix-users] Certificate Install Error in Windows 7

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Concurring with Rob's point, and going back to the original OP's question I think you should setup a debug environment where you step into the CAs related to iis::Certificate and find out what is really the cause of the Access Denied error.  At least enable verbose debugging and study the log carefully.  I use iis::Certificate on Win 10 and Win7 targets, targeting the localMachine StoreLocation in a perMachine context, Burn driven chained MSI.  We never disable UAC or observe the problems the OP has indicated.

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IMHO, the fact that you require your MSI to run "As Administrator" is a defect.

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We had almost the same problem.
In the matter of fact target computer can have different levels of UAC and therefore we make our customers always run installations 'As Administrator'. Thus we prevent us from unnecessary defects :)

Also when you start command prompt "As administrator"  you should have UAC prompt.

If you want to cover all possible cases you should wrap your MSI in executable that elevates permissions with a prompt always.

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