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James Buchan James.Buchan at servelec-synergy.com
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The only way I'm aware of, and ever done this, is by checking for the existence of the MSIExecute mutex.
This will only let you know if another install is in progress

if (Mutex.TryOpenExisting(@"Global\_MSIExecute", out mutexResult))
	//It exists - something else is currently installing
	//No installs (at the moment you did this check) are in progress

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Is is possible to "ask" the Windows Installer to report progress on an installation already running?

In other words, I know how to get installation progress from installers I start myself. What I'm interested in is progress from an instance of an installer that might currently be running (not necessarily started by me).

It's my understanding that only one installation can run at a time, so there should (theoretically) be a single integer value between 0-100 that represents the current install progress, if running.

I was looking for a performance counter but couldn't find anything.


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