[wix-users] Applying a condition in Component

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1) REINSTALLMODE is a very poor choice for determining if you are in a repair.  See REINSTALL.
2) Your component Condition authoring will only be evaluated once.  If you want the Condition to always be evaluated, you'll need to mark the Component as Transitive.
3) If you use XmlConfig, you may be able to avoid a conditional component in this scenario.
4) Don't double post to Dev.  It will feed the lions.
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I need to skip a component when the setup is executed in"Repair Mode". I am using "REINSTALLMODE" Property toidentify if the setup is executing in Repair Mode. Below is the code snippetfor the Component.

<Component Id='UpdateConfig' Guid='EDA4F128-BCC1-4C0A-B8AC-588FCF3B64EB' KeyPath='yes'>




<util:XmlFile Id='IP' Action="setValue" ElementPath="//configuration/appSettings/add[\[]@key='IP'[\]]/@value" File="[INSTALLLOCATION]Service.exe.config" Value="[SERVERIP]" /></Component>

I can get the property value REINSTALLMODE="ecmus"from the log file but the condition in component is not working. I have triedNOT operator as well but it is not working.

Can you please help me identify the issue here.




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