[wix-users] some files not installing on upgrade...

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Verbose logs tell all…

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Subject: [wix-users] some files not installing on upgrade...
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Hi all,

I have fixed the issue of the install/uninstall of my 'new' MSI's (a 32 bit and a 64 bit) that I "merged" from 6 MSI's from my last RTM release i.e. 4.6 and now I am working on 4.7 release.

We wanted to go from 6 MSI's down to 1 (well 2, 1 for 32 bit and 1 for 64 bit)...

Within the 'new' MSI are a few features:
1. Client Service
2. Plugins
3. Another Service
4. 3 Clients, i.e. ClientX, ClientY, ClientZ

The first 3 features are installed per the bitness of the OS (and 1 of the Clients) and the 2 other client features are installed on the basis of the bitness of Office.
So the BootStrapper will determine which of the 2 MSI's to run or to run both...
i.e. if a 64 bit OS but Office is 32 bit then both MSI's will run...

I had 3 client MSI's (and the Client Service MSI) and each of those Client MSI's had used 4 WiX library's and used a WixLibRedirectFolder in the product.wxs
<Directory Id="CLIENT_PATH" DiskId="1">
  <Directory Id="WixLibRedirectFolder">

and inside the library.wxs was:
<ComponentGroup Id="cmpgrp_Log4Net" Directory="WixLibRedirectFolder">

Since I can't have multiple WixLibRedirectFolder in 1 MSI I ended up using the WiX library's for the Client Service feature...

Then for the 3 Client features I added the 7 components that were in the 4 WiX library's but renamed the components/File elements as cmp_Blah_ClientX, file_Blah_ClientX and ClientY and ClientZ and of course change the GUIDS for each component...

The weird thing, is that on an upgrade the 2 client features i.e. ClientX and ClientY install those 7 components but Feature ClientZ doesn't...

All 3 feature have the exact same 7 component/file elements and of course their own unique components... Each of the Client features are installed to a different folder...

Any idea why this is happening??



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