[wix-users] Heat for IIS web sites

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That is because the directory is not set in the harvesting file.
When we use heat it will create a harvesting file that needs to be added to your solution
The command is as follows:
heat.exe harvestType harvestSource <harvester arguments>  -o[ut] sourceFile.wxs
heat.exe dir "C:\BE" -dr BE_Files -cg BE_Files  -gg -g1 -sf -srd -var "var.BEFiles" -out "PATH TO SOLUTION\BE_Files.wxs"

Check the -dr flag this references a directory created in advance on your installer yo can use the ID or you'll have to use a full path.
You can also define a preprocessor variable to use it here.


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I am trying to use heat.exe for generating wxs from IIS web site using the following command.

heat.exe website "MyWebSite" -out "MySite.wxs"

But I am getting an error "*HEAT5400 : Could not harvest website directory:
. Please update the output with the appropriate directory ID before using*".
When I searched on Google, I came across a couple of SourceForge links wherein Rob Mensching had answered saying "Harvesting websites is partially implemented and there could be a lot of bugs."  Links are given below.


But this answer was in 2009, so I am pretty sure, this would have been fixed by now. Can anyone please help?


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