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If you don't have a solid understanding of Windows Installer, you should stick to major upgrades, auto-generated component ID's, and follow best practices.



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I am really sorry to be asking this question again, as I am new to WiX and I am not getting much help with Patch creation. I am currently following the below link to create a Patch.


 If I follow it exactly like, <File Id="SampleFile" Name="Sample.txt"
Source=".\$(var.Version)\Sample.txt" />, the patch gets created. So, basically, in this case, the Sample.txt file has to be inside 1.0 and 1.1 with different content for the patch to get created. In my case, I cannot strictly follow this approach. My Sample.txt could be in a different folder with different content (say, Test/Sample.txt for version 1.0 and TestPatch/Sample.txt for version 1.1). But in this case, the Pyro command throws Object Reference error. I am finding it really difficult to debug this. So, are there any predefined folder structures to be followed for enabling patch creation? Please help.


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