[wix-users] Msu Packages not cached

Bob Arnson bob at firegiant.com
Thu Aug 3 18:11:38 PDT 2017

There's no API for Burn to know a package is installed. As for caching, what does the log say?

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Not sure if anyone had any thoughts on this but I was wondering if it would be useful to be able to defect if the burn bundle had installed an MSU, at least you could know if you have tried to install a hotfix. At the moment other than trying to figure out what has been updated (reading the MS docs doesn't help) you are in the dark about knowing if a hotfix has been applied.


From: Neil Sleightholm
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Subject: Msu Packages not cached

I have an MsuPackage element that downloads a package from the Microsoft download site, the package has a RemotePayload and it all works as expected except that the msu package is not cached. I have tried setting MsuPackage/@Cache to "yes" and "always" but it is downloaded to "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache" and then at the end of the install it is deleted. This means the next time an update is installed it downloads the package again.

Is this by design or is there something I can do to force to be cached?

The package is question is KB4022719, I suspect the root of my problem is that I don't have MsuPackage/@InstallCondition as I cannot find anyway to check whether this is already installed.


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