[wix-users] How to Update existing configuration

Farrukh Waheed farrukh1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 23:00:28 PDT 2017

Consider using Util extension, which has methods: XMLConfig and XMLFile.
First one can be used in your case.
>From "preserve the settings", I guess you need to backup existing config
file. You could use WIX's  CopyFile to make a copy of existing one.

On 26 April 2017 at 04:03, Carlos Sosa <carlos.sosa.us at outlook.com> wrote:

> Hello WIX community, I have a xml configuration file as follows:
> <Fragment>
>     <!--
>         Permanent="yes" Don't remove the file
>         NeverOverwrite="yes" Don't write the file if it already exists
>         -->
>     <ComponentGroup Id="ExeConfig" Directory="INSTALLFOLDER" >
>       <Component Id="MyCompany.MyProgram.exe.config" Guid ="*"
> Permanent="yes" NeverOverwrite="yes">
>         <File Name="MyCompany.MyProgram.exe.config"
> Source="$(var.MyProgram.TargetPath).config" KeyPath="yes"/>
>       </Component>
>     </ComponentGroup>
>   </Fragment>
> We added a couple of settings to it, how can I add the 2 settings to the
> "old" xml during upgrade?
> I need to preserve the setting for the previous version, what would the
> best route to accomplish this be?
> Best Regards.
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