[wix-users] WixUI_InstallDir UI flavor doesn't support install levels

Tigran Galoyan tigran.galoyan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 07:33:50 PDT 2017


I've got the following problem; I switched from WixUI_Mondo
to WixUI_InstallDir as I don't want full interface with setup type
selection or customization option. However, now I cannot control the
packages that should be installed or not. In detail, before when using
WixUI_Mondo I would declare my Feature elements with install levels 1-3 for
mandatory components and 3-1000 for optional and with a condition I'd put
level to 0 if I wanted to exclude the component at all. The reason I'd do
that, as I prompt the user to enter serial number and based on the entered
serial number I'd define which product components need to be available for
installation for that user. However, once I switched to WixUI_InstallDir
the leveling doesn't work anymore, looks like it's specific to Mondo flavor
only. Any ideas what are the install leveling thresholds for the
WixUI_InstallDir UI wizardry in order to do conditional installation of
components by install levels?


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