[wix-users] Non-Silent MSU package instalaltion

Farrukh Waheed farrukh1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 12:06:00 PDT 2016

Thank you for the tip. I did a little more. Used Inno setup to Detect the
conditions if we need to install the msu and then use "wsua....." to
install the msu. And now including this InnoSetup.exe as ExePackage..

Appreciating your reply.

On 22 September 2016 at 07:56, robert_yang at agilent.com <
robert_yang at agilent.com> wrote:

> "Hi
> I have a situation in which I have to install an msu (Windows6.1-KB2670838)
> package but showing the user its installation interface i.e. the one
> wusa.exe shows. Burn installs msu packages silently by default.
> If it is not possible to install msu packages non-silently, can I use
> ExePackage to call wusa.exe and pass msu package as parameter?
> Regards"
> We tried something similar for msu installation of a Windows Hotfix, and
> before abandoning the hotfix entirely used this approach; it looked like
> the following :
>       <ExePackage Id="Install_KB2731284"
>                   Cache="yes"
>                   CacheId="KB2731284.PackageName_$(var.ProductVersion)"
>                   SourceFile="InstallMongoDBHotfix.cmd"
>                   InstallCondition="VersionNT=v6.1 AND VersionNT64">
>         <Payload
>           Id="KB2731284_MSU"
>           Compressed="no"
>           Name="MongoDB\Windows6.1-KB2731284-v3-x64.msu"
>           SourceFile="SourceDir\bin\Windows6.1-KB2731284-v3-x64.msu"/>
>       </ExePackage>
>       <!-- Use ExePackage instead of MsuPackage so that we can control
> command-line args to wusa.exe.
>            See InstallMongoDBHotfix.cmd for actual command line. -->
> InstallMongoDBHotfix.cmd simply contained the following : (obviously you
> can change the command-line args here)
>                wusa "%~dp0\MongoDB\Windows6.1-KB2731284-v3-x64.msu" /quiet
> Note that we don't have a DetectCondition - that is because we couldn't
> find a reliable way to determine whether or not the hotfix was installed;
> the Windows Update API would report the hotfix as installed even after the
> hotfix was uninstalled.  You may have a different experience with your msu.
> -Rob
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