[wix-users] Non-Silent MSU package instalaltion

robert_yang at agilent.com robert_yang at agilent.com
Thu Sep 22 07:56:26 PDT 2016

I have a situation in which I have to install an msu (Windows6.1-KB2670838)
package but showing the user its installation interface i.e. the one
wusa.exe shows. Burn installs msu packages silently by default.

If it is not possible to install msu packages non-silently, can I use
ExePackage to call wusa.exe and pass msu package as parameter?


We tried something similar for msu installation of a Windows Hotfix, and before abandoning the hotfix entirely used this approach; it looked like the following :

      <ExePackage Id="Install_KB2731284"
                  InstallCondition="VersionNT=v6.1 AND VersionNT64">
      <!-- Use ExePackage instead of MsuPackage so that we can control command-line args to wusa.exe.
           See InstallMongoDBHotfix.cmd for actual command line. -->

InstallMongoDBHotfix.cmd simply contained the following : (obviously you can change the command-line args here)

               wusa "%~dp0\MongoDB\Windows6.1-KB2731284-v3-x64.msu" /quiet

Note that we don't have a DetectCondition - that is because we couldn't find a reliable way to determine whether or not the hotfix was installed; the Windows Update API would report the hotfix as installed even after the hotfix was uninstalled.  You may have a different experience with your msu.


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