[wix-users] Testing a Custom BootstrapperApplication class

Phill Hogland phill.hogland at rimage.com
Tue Sep 6 12:03:17 PDT 2016

I did not find a way to do what you are asking because of the dependency on WiX.  I just create a simple bundle that uses my mba.  Build everything needed for the bundle (if it is a larger project with MSI ects, I use a MSBuild script) and then in the VS IDE do the following.

In the mba project properties screen

1) Define DEBUG (and TRACE) and in Build Advanced select full debug info.

2) In Debug set Start external program to point to the bundle.exe

3) Add a command line switch:

-burn.clean.room=<path to your bundle\bundle.exe

4) set the working folder path

I set the mba project as the default startup, rebuild the mba, rebuild the bundle (no need to rebuild the other projects) and press F5 at which point you should be able to set break points and step through your code.

On my Win10 dev system I spin up a VM and install the VS remote debugger, using the same procedure as above (except setting the remote PC name) to run the mba into the Apply phase of the setup.

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Is there a simple way to test my derived BootstrapperApplication class?  It's basically an WPF application, so if I create a console app that creates an instance of my custom class and then runs it, I could test the UI easily though the debugger.  The Run method is protected, so I could call it via reflection, but it seems like there's probably a simpler way to do this.


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