[wix-users] Link to current sources on wixtoolset.org

Rob Mensching rob at firegiant.com
Fri Sep 2 09:01:33 PDT 2016

We could remove the source but we'd lose that history. There is a link to the "Source Code" (as well as other places) on the homepage of the CodePlex site. What other links would you like to see?

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I just grabbed the recent stable WiX release and as always wanted to download the sources as well. I found it quite confusing to be forwarded to CodePlex to download the current binary release. But the sources located on CodePlex being updated in 2014 the last time. After a while I remembered there was another repository and found the one on GitHub quite easily with the help of Google. However, if I was new to WiX I was kind of left alone. There was no note or link on wixtoolset.org or CodePlex referring to the GitHub repository, at least I was not able to find one searching for a few minutes.

How about  removing the old sources from Codeplex completely and instead placing notes and links to the GitHub repository on wixtoolset.org as well as on CodePlex (if this place should be kept to hold the binary releases).


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