[wix-users] Powershell script to build a msi

Neil Hayes Neil.Hayes at syspro.com
Mon Oct 17 20:38:48 PDT 2016

PowerShell can call all of the WiX executables or bat files.

We have actually written a whole 'pipeline' where a directory structure is parsed and all the files added dynamically to a SQL table. We run another script to generate the 'include' files or fragments. You can have a template of the project with placeholders or variables and then call the normal WiX executables to generate the MSI.

We've taken this a step further where our support team can ask for a hot fix based on the incident raised (There application can call a REST address with the incident number), where we run PowerShell scripts to generate a new msi dynamically adding new files if required and pushing out a hot fix (msp).

In order to automate the whole process we have used a product call 'Jenkins', which basically allows you to create a job and call either PowerShell scripts or .BAT files (There are a good 1000 plugins available - WiX also is one of them)

It's an awesome project to do and I strongly recommend giving it a go.

Some of the Tools used:

WiX of course
Jenkins (Open Source)
Windows 10 SDK for digitally signing MSI and MSP - has the signtool.exe
SQL Server for managing the main project table, hot fix table and service pack table
Some good coffee
A whiteboard for thrashing out ideas
A good college to work with because they will think the project is awesome too.

And have fun doing it :)


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Hello all,
Is it possible to create a msi through Powershell ? I have a requirement that I will take a build folder path as an argument and then build the msi considering the given build folder path. Help would be welcomed.

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